Five Different Ways To Get More Orders on Fiverr

My name is Vitaliy and I can sometimes write in English with minor mistakes, so I ask you to forgive me in advance. English is not my first language, but I like to express my thoughts and ideas in it.

I love to set goals for myself and achieve them. About some months ago, I set myself the goal of reaching my first $1,000 on Fiverr and even later expressed this in my tweet

I already have the first results and they are quite significant. I was sure that I would succeed, since in fact the whole essence of the business is not about selling cheap goods or offers for $5 – $10, but expensive offers from $1,000 and I know how to get clients to pay for expensive offers and at the same time make them satisfied with the quality of the offer.

Moreover, Fiverr is more willing to promote those offers for which people pay the most, although no one has yet fully understood Fiverr’s algorithm until the end.

1. Get More Orders On Fiverr

It doesn’t matter which offer you are promoting. It is important whether there is a demand for your offer on Fiverr.

Many bloggers write that some topics are more popular, but there are those that do not have huge popularity on Fiverr and should be avoided. I completely disagree with this statement and I can firmly say that our task is not to get 20 orders per day for $5 and then spend a lot of time fulfilling these orders. Our task is to get one order for about $1,000 – $3,000 and calmly give ourselves time to complete it. My experience has taught me to do everything leisurely in life and in business, which is why I adhere to this tactic.

Take a look at this offer. Here you have to spend a lot of time processing small orders.

fiverr gig screenshot

We can afford it at the initial stage, until our offer reaches the top on Fiverr, but all the time lowering the price is a wrong tactic. Many beginners think that this way they will be able to defeat competitors, but this is not true.

Our task is not to lower the price in order to stand out from the competitors. We just need to make our offer stand out from the crowd of competitors.

Think about how your offer may differ from your competitors. Maybe you can offer something better and unusual, or you can do the job in 1 day instead of 5 days as other sellers on Fiverr do that job.

Do not be lazy to look through the rest of your competitors’ offers on Fiverr to understand what their weaknesses are. Try to make a strong description with keywords, a great headline and show examples of your work if you already have ones.

2. What’s the second way to get more expensive orders on Fiverr? 

When you come to Fiverr for the first time, you have neither reviews nor a normal description of the product and you can not even be proud of anything, but … there is one strategy that allows you to start attracting your first customers.

Try to reflect your past achievements in the product description, or in the picture, which is required for the product description. Make it as clear as possible to the client that you are not a beginner and know how to create awesome infographics, or how to write a high-quality and original article…

I personally like the fact that many guys on Fiverr show what results their clients have achieved. For example, in this example, we see that after ordering backlinks, the customer receives a certain result.

fiverr seo backlinks

Do not forget that you need to interest the potential client as much as possible so that he sends you a personal message on Fiverr, and there, in the process of correspondence, he will have confidence in you. The main thing is to answer very quickly and not wait half a day with the answer. Fiver has penalties for taking too long to answer. Your offers can go down in search and as a result, you can lose customers altogether, so take my advice pretty seriously.

3. My third advice on how to get more clients on Fiverr.

I recommend adding videos to your gigs. According to Fiverr, the gigs having videos sell 220% more than those having just images. You can create videos for your gigs online.

Videos can boost your sales. If you’re not getting orders for a long time, add videos to your gigs.

Fiverr video content

Many people like to watch a 1-minute video, which very quickly explains what you offer and why customers should buy from you and that’s it.

It is best to tell quickly some interesting story about an offer, or about the success of a certain customer who has achieved certain results by ordering your offer.

People love interesting stories and even if you stretch your video for 3 minutes. If it really attracts a person and he watches it, then you will have a lot of orders on Fiverr.

4. Test different offers

At the time of this writing, if you have just registered on Fiverr and started creating your first offers, then you can create no more than 7 gigs.

It even happens that when you have created all these seven offers and one week passes, then another, and the clients do not write to you. There is no need to despair at all in this case. It’s best to take another look at the statistics of your offers.

Below in the screenshot you can see an example of statistics of your offers on Fiverr.

fiverr gigs stats

If you see that some offers receive fewer impressions, then try redoing them again. Apparently, you initially created the description incorrectly, filled it with incorrect keywords, or you have it without keywords at all.

It happened to me that out of seven offers, one shot very well, and the rest almost never. I tried to change the description and pictures for the offer twice a week, and then a month later I started receiving orders for very large checks.

Of course, not only the good description worked. To get a client from Fiverr that pays more than $5,000 for your job, you need to know a few more important strategies. But more on that later in my new articles. If you want to stay up to date, then subscribe to me on Twitter, where I will keep you updated and you will get to know about new articles first than everyone else.

5. Don’t Forget To Advertise Your Gigs Off-Site

There are no restrictions on advertising your Fiverr offers on third-party resources. If you do this without spam and following certain rules, then it is a great idea to attract as many interested people as possible to your offer.

For example, you want to promote your offers on Twitter, or on Facebook, then you can use a service that can be used to create custom offers on other websites.

Personally, I still have no time to advertise my offers on many web resources and social networks, since I already have 2-3 clients from Fiverr who pay from $3,000 per month for my services. But I have one friend who uses to promote his SEO services and does it quite successfully.

As you see below on the screenshot more than one and a half billion people visit per month, so even making 1 sale per day for $100, you can already get a good number of reviews on Fiverr and then gradually increase the price for your services.

reddit traffic overview

At the same time, of course, you need to write interesting stories, since if you write your stories in the usual style, then you will not get many upvotes on Reddit.

Upvotes are user approval and the more you have them, the longer your article will be in the top and the more people will see it and the more likely you are to receive as many orders of your offers on Fiverr as possible.


These are just some other ways to get the first orders on Fiverr. I will continue to talk about the ways to get orders for $3,000 and even for $5,000. I can assure you that there are such clients who pay big money for the speed of order fulfillment, for its quality and, of course, for your experience as a specialist. Follow my blog posts and you will find out a lot more interesting things later.

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