5 Killer Marketing Strategies To Attract Customers

In this article I want to talk about the marketing strategies that I use myself to win clients and I am not going to talk about some big earnings. My earnings are more modest than those of Microsoft, Amazon and other companies, which, against the backdrop of the world “suffering” from the supposedly “deadly” virus, began to earn hundreds of billions of dollars.

marketing strategies

Of course, it’s no secret to anyone that no deadly virus exists and this whole game was started by corporations to make everyone sit at home and shop online, invest in Facebook ads, etc. In any case, I myself tried to earn as much as possible on this hype around this coronavirus topic and my profit is also at a good level.

fiverr earnings

I do not know how to take some beautiful screenshots, since I have more abilities in marketing and attracting customers, but if you need some more weighty evidence of my earnings on Fiverr, then contact me and I will show you those in more detail.

Maybe there are some companies that make money selling socks, or cosmetics and earn $10 on each sale. I’m personally used to making at least $1,000 per client. It’s very common to see clients who pay $4,990 per order…

…But still, let’s get down to business.

When I start reading other bloggers who write articles on the topic of customer acquisition, then I immediately think that these articles were written about 10 years ago.

For the most part, these are ordinary tips and you can find plenty of them on the Internet and all these bloggers advise, like post a link here and there in social networks and you will start getting tons of clients, or start advertising on Facebook and you will also start getting clients on autopilot.

Also, I don’t trust those bloggers who write posts that if you go and start tweeting hard every day, you will start getting a lot of clients. Again, there are certain strategies that have a lot of details and you can just get customers, but you need to devote at least a little time to this. You have to learn how to do that right and then I am sure you will get your $5,000 customer soon.

Which are those killer marketing strategies that help to attract customers?

Recently I had a friend of mine who complained that he was afraid to ask large sums of money from his clients for his work. I explained to him that he should not think about where his clients will take money for his work. If they need it, they will find money anywhere. The main thing is that he does not devalue his work and demands exactly the amount for which he evaluates his work, but … he must explain to the client why he does it and why his work is so expensive. Plus, if you wish not to lose the customer you need to be able to close the client’s objections if he does not agree with such a big amount of money you want from him…

Now let’s take a look at the basic strategies to help you attract customers for big checks.

1. Always be in touch with your customers

I will not say that you need to provide support to your clients. I will say right away that you need to communicate with customers before selling them goods and services, you need to communicate during the sale and even after the sale.

customer support

It often happens that a client asks you a lot of questions and doesn’t buy anything, but then two months passes. The customer appears out of nowhere again, asks you a couple of questions again and buys. I thought for a long time why this happens and concluded that the client does not find such strong support from other freelancers (my competitors). At the same time, you have already built a bridge of trust with your communication, which means it’s time to slightly increase the price of your goods or services and give the client what he wants.

It often happens to me, too, that I want to buy something on Fiverr and bombard the seller with questions, but in the end, when I’m ready to buy, the seller stops answering my questions and disappears. I immediately lose the desire to buy such a service. So don’t repeat the mistakes of many inexperienced freelancers. Try to answer the questions of your customers in detail and do not forget about the little things.

2. Be better than your competitors

Being the best doesn’t mean you have to keep dropping prices to provide a good service. This can often even alienate customers from you.

I myself sometimes see that freelancers offer $10 or $20 for their services. Plus, you can imagine if such a freelancer has about 100 clients a month, then the quality of the service drops noticeably.

stand out from your competitors

Initially, you need to immediately position yourself as a highly qualified specialist and post detailed information about yourself on your own site, plus the same reviews where everyone can go and see what you can do. This greatly increases the degree of trust between you and the customer, and here you are no longer afraid of any competition.

A lot of people are too lazy to create even a simple business website about themselves and post information and reviews about their services there. Therefore, you do not have clients with large checks. So, don’t be lazy, but try to become better than your competitors and create at least a website so that everyone understands that you have already seriously occupied a certain niche in the market.

3. The client who reads your blog already trusts you

If you have a blog and write very interesting articles there that show your experience, your interesting judgments and your ideas that have worked for you in business, then you will be read and listened to.

For me personally, a blog, for example, is a communication with me and with my readers who want to learn a lot of new and interesting things about the world of online business and how to attract clients.

start a blog

As your blog fills with articles, you will see that serious clients with big money have begun to come to you.

If you haven’t created your blog yet and haven’t started writing interesting articles, then it’s time to start a blog today so that in a year you will have lots of clients.

4. You know the $5,000 secret?

Previously, I never managed to understand how to start making more than $5,000 on Fiverr every month, because the competition is just huge … but it’s not for nothing that I have been making money on the Internet for more than 15 years and understand the mechanisms of attracting customers with big money.

In about five months, I managed to make more than $22,000 in net profit and of course you can see slightly outdated screenshots on the main page. As I started getting more positive reviews, I began to receive more and more orders.

Fiverr does not allow making custom offers worth more than $5,000, so if the client paid $5,950 or $7,950, I had to split the custom offer into two. (this information is outdated, now there are different rules on Fiverr and they are constantly updated by the company)

So what is the secret of getting those offers? I immediately made a promise in the product description, which I undertook to fulfill, but not right away. I said that the work will be done, but if the customer wants a high quality, then it is expensive, but I will definitely do everything. Then I set the deadlines for the completion of the work and said that the deadlines are approximate and if necessary we will extend them … and that’s it.

The easier you communicate with customers, the better for both. At the same time, if you clearly prescribe that you will do everything in the best possible way, then this also inspires confidence.

The client must really understand that you will do the given job and that his money will not be wasted.

In any case, this is a huge topic for discussion and one article will not be enough here. If you have any questions, you can send me a message on twitter. I will reply to you back as soon as possible.

5. Don’t be afraid to lose a client

I used to have this technique to keep the client, if I saw that he was already interested. Even if he pays $100 I wanted to tell him to work only with me. It seemed to me that I had to fight for each client. This was a huge mistake of mine.

If you feel that this client will take a lot of your time and at the same time already starts asking stupid questions off topic, then it is best to say goodbye to him as soon as possible.

Appreciate your time and money. Make it clear to clients that you are a high-class specialist. That you take big money for your services and do everything efficiently.

Once you start working with clients who pay $1,000 – $3,000 or more per month, your self-esteem will increase and serious clients will come to you. Even without much publicity, you can make big money.

Wrap It Up

If you want to start getting customers who pay big money for your services, then first of all, do not be lazy. Also make a website with reviews and a clear description of what you will provide to customers.

Create a Twitter account and start tweeting regularly about your services and interesting things that would attract customers to you. (I have a twitter account, but I haven’t developed it much yet. So far I am using other ways to attract customers, but I intend to actively develop my Twitter account too)

You will see then that you will begin to receive private messages on Twitter with questions, and so gradually you will start communicating with your first potential clients. Your job is to make sure they end up paying you at least $3,000 for your service.

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