Marketing Channels That Work in 2021

I am sure that you already know many marketing channels from where you can get traffic and even customers. I also tried a lot of different channels and something worked for me, but some methods didn’t quite work well for me.

However, I am not going to waste my time buying paid traffic, since, firstly, I am not a Coca-Cola company, which can afford to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on ads, and secondly, now paid advertising is already so conspicuous to people every second that only a UFO that flies through the window can attract their attention.

My strong belief is that you as a marketer can use certain services like Twitter or Fiverr to start getting your first sales.

In any case, you may have some experience of your own in this matter, but I would like to tell my short story (only that part of my life that concerns marketing). I want to tell you about which opportunities I have not yet used, and which I am using at full capacity and which conclusions were drawn from this. I also want to talk about different channels for getting customers.

1. Hacker News 

I am sure each marketer knows that Hacker News is a news website focusing on computer science and entrepreneurship. If you’re on the hunt for some geeky landing page traffic there are few places you’d rather be on the front page of.

There are many stories of how online entrepreneurs received between 10,000 and 35,000 unique visitors in three days from this site.

hacker news

So let’s take a look at how to get traffic from there:

  1. Write the title for your audience (it often even happens that if you change a couple of words in the headline, then the news is already perceived differently and instead of 400 visitors you will receive 30,000 unique visitors
  2. Comments are underappreciated (your valuable comment with the link can get several thousand of views)
  3. Magic launch technique (always launch to the Show HN page. The lower frequency of posts means you will have more chance of being seen + post a good first comment.
  4. Is it worth sharing the post with your friends? (it’s 1 upvote per IP address. This means that people have to find and upvote your post organically)

The point is that once you start hanging with your perfect audience, conventional marketing goes out the window. You don’t have to try so hard.

Find the place where your customers can hang out. Help people out, talk about what you’re doing, and the rest will take care of itself.

2. Twitter

I’m sure you know a lot of stories when some ordinary kid started his account on Twitter and got more than 20,000 subscribers in 10 months from scratch and earned a good amount of money.

All this is absolutely possible and I also started the feed on Twitter, but at the moment I don’t spend too much time on Twitter, although I understand that there are my clients there too.

twitter marketing channel

Anyway, I have studied the tones of twitter promotion material and the only working way to get a huge number of subscribers is to organize a contest. For example, you can set a MacBook as the main prize and set different conditions for those who want to win it. For example, contestants can retweet a post, or mention a certain article in their tweets, etc.

If you don’t have a MacBook, then you can put up an iPhone prize, or something less expensive. The main thing here is to attract an audience to your competition.

If you don’t have many subscribers yet, then you can attract people to your Twitter account from free channels such as, for example.


So far I have not been able to get to this resource, but I also see a hidden powerful potential here.

Some bloggers mention they get a lot of traffic from this service, but the fact is that even being 2-3 months on this service and writing 10-12 articles, you can start getting only about 100-200 unique visitors per month to your site. Someone may say that this is very little, but on the other hand, if people clicked and followed your link, then this can only mean that they are interested in the information they want to get and wish to read further articles on your blog and this is great.

medium com stories

In addition, backlinks from this resource will have a very positive effect on your SEO.

Therefore, if you regularly start adding articles on this service, then your organic traffic from Google will also start to grow.

Some of my friends did a few searches and told me some of their keywords were ranking in the top 3 and some in the top 7 and some keywords were bringing them about 100 visitors a day.

At the moment, I am looking at this resource and will gradually begin to study it too for the purpose of getting traffic in the future.

4. Fiverr

Now I use this service every day and as an online businessman I am successful on this resource.

At the same time, at the very start, I began to read some “useful” articles and tried to apply the information from these articles. Then I realised I don’t need to read some useless carbon-copy articles from the Internet. It seems that the authors of such articles did not get their experience at all, but simply rewrote articles to fill their blog with all sorts of “very interesting” material.


After reading such mega-useful articles, I immediately decided to find my own ways to start getting the first orders on Fiverr , and it was not so easy at the start. So what did I do?

  1. I started to look for potential customers on various forums and when I found some that showed interest in my services I immediately contacted them. Sometimes I even found different customers on Twitter.
  2. At first I offered to order something inexpensive from me and promised to fulfill the order very quickly. Trust arose between me and the client and gradually our communication reached a new level.
  3. The client paid for the order $5 – $20 or even more and left a positive review, which put my offer a bit higher than other similar offers on Fiverr.
  4. Some clients started working with me on an ongoing basis and I started to receive more orders.
  5. Gradually, I started to raise prices by $50- $100 and the flow of clients began to increase every week.
  6. I began to offer more expensive similar services from $1,000 with guaranteed results and my profits began to grow.

In any case, the main thing is to understand that you need to grow slowly in any online business, provided that you do not have an initial advertising budget.

I like Fiverr, because there you already have your clients who are seeking you and they want to purchase your services. You just have to skillfully draw their attention to your offers and then make them trust you, and for this you need the client to make a small order to begin with and he should stay satisfied with the result.

Maybe not everything is so simple here, but no one forces you to sit for hours on Fiverr. In any case, you need to understand that you will succeed and you need to take one small step every day in achieving your financial goal.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” (Confucius)

5. Reddit

I know some guy who showed me screenshots from his Analytics account with over 300,000 referral visits from Reddit for 6 months. My results are much more modest, since I have not yet fully plunged into the atmosphere of “active Reddit traffic”.

At one time, I very actively tested traffic from reddit and I got different results. I was very surprised by the fact that I wrote very useful information and it turned out to be of no interest to anyone. The next day I could write something not quite necessary, as it seemed to me, and received good traffic and even some orders of my services.

reddit marketing

In any case, this network takes a lot of time and you need to devote some time to it to first get used to it, and only then start taking the first steps in getting traffic from there.

Here you have the most important steps to help you grow your account:

  1. Building accounts with authority (the higher your karma, the more trust you have)
  2. Following best practices (post useful and interesting content, add perfect titles for your article, post in the right subreddit, find the right time for posting)
  3. Creating great titles (it’s your chance to grab people’s attention)

This network will take up your time until you learn to use it skillfully and profitably. However, over time, you will see that your karma starts to grow and you receive more and more traffic.

But what is important is that there is no need to break the rules of the service. Read them first before pumping out the high-targeted traffic from Reddit.


I am still amazed by the fact that different entrepreneurs get completely different results in getting traffic.

Of course, a huge number of factors and details play a role here, which affect the final result. Also, we all have different accumulated experience and different methods of working with traffic, even on such platforms as Hacker News or Reddit.

I am very glad that you read everything to the end and I, for my part, shared this short essay in the hope that this information will be useful to you.

If you would like to share your experience that you have received from your side, then I think everyone will be happy if you tell us how you get traffic and what strategies you use to get it.

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